Are Quartz Countertops Safe?

NSF is the Public Health and Safety Organization that develops public health standards for the food, water and consumer goods industries.As an independent, accredited organization, they test, audit and certify products to protect global health.


Most ‘quartz’ companies will display the NSF badge. However, there are 2 categories within the NSF certification: “Splash Zone” and “Food Zone”. “Splash Zone” is a vague area that does not include approved food prep certification. To be “Food Zone” approved, the synthetic ‘quartz’ companies must provide their formulas and have those tested. If they change formulations, they must be retested.


I checked the website and almost all of the major suppliers have fully complied and are “Food Safe”. A fair number of the Chinese knock offs have not bothered to certify their products.


There are a number of companies whose offerings are simply “Splash Zone” approved. Some of these companies are well known within the Industry. All Stone will not offer any products that are not approved for “Food Zone”.


Before choosing a quartz countertop, check the NSF site to ensure your selection is certified for food contact.


“Surfacing materials certified for Splash Zone should not be used on

any surfaces intended for food contact,” from the NSF Technical Director.


More Marketing revealed. Bottom line, the major players play by the rules. Others don’t so do your research to ensure your family’s safety.