Fake News

If you are of a certain age, you will understand that all things on TV are scripted.

If you have not yet reached that point, you no doubt have suspicions.
Here’s some youtube evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJAfRDlGQWU
HGTV, DIY and the like are certainly willing to accept some remittance in exchange for pushing a certain product via their presenters [stars?]. When it appears obvious they are reading, it is because they are poorly reading what someone else wrote.
The same applies to the higher end web pages that espouse the ‘latest’ in design. Their coffers require regular replenishing, too.
Who would do such a thing? Any series of manufacturers who push ‘Engineered’ products would and do. Countertops, flooring, exterior siding etc. The producers of natural stone have no organized, funded lobby. Thus, no organized TV response.
According to the ‘experts’ on TV, no natural product is worth having anymore. And, you can pretty much tell when the synthetic lobby’s checkbook opened.
Real Wood, real stone et al became passe virtually overnight, according to them. Probably immediately after the checks cleared.
Here’s the rub:
Most of what they tell you is simply not true.
Synthetic countertops do burn, they do stain, they do scratch. There are sealers made especially for synthetics. Why would a ‘stain-proof’ material need a sealer? Eh?
And, the most damning fact: THEY CANNOT BE REPAIRED.
Which is why we do not and will not warranty any synthetic ‘alternative’.
No exceptions.
One of my friends in Brazil asked me, “Why do so many American people want their kitchens to look like Dental Offices or Shopping Malls?”
Good Question.
10 years ago, it was concrete counters. Fortunately, those weaknesses became apparent fairly quickly, and they faded back to their reliable strength: driveways.
Soon, synthetic counters will fade back to where they belong. They were first used for airport flooring, where they are fairly good.
Apparently, some people still believe what is broadcast on TV. That’s why ‘Fake News’ sent all mainstream media into a blind frenzy.
Because it fits.