Marketing is just that, Marketing

Unlike advertising, which is used to draw your attention to a service or item, Marketing is a tool to blur your senses. To convince your head that your eyes are wrong.

When companies spend millions and millions of dollars on Marketing, there is most likely a flaw or ten that needs blurring.

The makers of ‘Quartz’ countertop products spend millions and millions of dollars on advertising.

What’s in it?

Crushed stone [usually quartz] and colored resin. And, a slew of chemical binders that they will reveal 3 days after never.

In a more understandable comparison, in the world of wood, Granite and Marble are natural ‘woods’ and engineered ‘stone’ is particle board. It aspires to ‘plywood’ status, but those are pipe dreams. It’s particle board [sawdust and glue].

When you choose flooring for your home, I’m guessing particle board is not likely to become a finalist. Why? Because it’s ugly and particle board manufacturers don’t spend millions and millions of dollars on Marketing.

The Marketing vs. the Truth

Marketing: Doesn’t stain
Truth: Yes, it will.

One of the largest Stone Chemical companies in the world has just released a Sealer for Engineered Stone. Why bother? Evidently, they don’t buy the Marketing pitch.

Marketing: It’s heat ‘resistant’
Truth: Umbrellas with holes are water ‘resistant’.

From a 375 degree oven, place the pan on Engineered Stone. You’ll have a permanent reminder of that decision. With zero hope of repair.

Marketing: Scratch resistant
Truth: The quartz part is very difficult to scratch.
The resin part [the majority] is quite easy to scratch.

Does it have a place?

Sure it does. Any place where heat is not present or UV light is not present. And, a love for all things simple, as in plain.

Or, where you have to repeat a color palette over and over. This stuff is manufactured so color replication is a lot more exact vs. a
natural product where variances are the rule. Even though it is manufactured, there can be variances in colorations [like carpeting]. A slab from April cannot be seamed to one from March. They have dye lots. Even though they will be close, not close enough for seaming.

A couple of other notes:

No inside 90 degree corners. This stuff is manufactured with ‘stress’ built into the slabs. It can [and has] exploded. No warranty from the manufacturer on inside 90’s.

The surface cannot be repaired, as can Granite and Marble. I don’t mean just us, no one can repair it, including those who make it.

The Truth survives. Marketing is simply marketing.