On-Site Repair Service


While All Stone warrants our workmanship under ‘normal’ wear, most fabricators do not.

If you need a hole drilled, a cooktop enlarged, a seam repaired, a sink swapped, something repolished, or any other stone-related repair, All Stone offers that service.

It doesn’t matter who did the original work, we’ll handle any stone-related repairs that you may have. If it’s beyond repair, you will be advised. And as always, pictures help.

All Stone is happy to work on granite, marble or quartzites. No synthetic products are covered, as even their manufacturers can’t repair them.

We perform countertop removal and reinstallation for fire & water restoration work. If you run a moving company, we do quite a bit of furniture repair for our slippery-fingered friends.

Slab Finishing Services


All Stone offers the machinery and know-how to change the surface of any granite, marble or quartzite. Our finishes include: Honed, Leathered/Brushed, Carressed, and Repolished.

Honed Finish


When a natural stone is honed, the resin on the surface is removed, producing a perfectly smooth, matte finish.

Leathered / Brushed Finish


When a natural stone is honed, tiny diamond brushes are run over the surface of the slab to add slight texture similar to that of old leather.

Carrassed Finish


When a natural stone is carrassed, fine diamond polishing blocks are run lightly over the leathered surface, polishing only the ‘high’ spots on the slab.



Existing finishes can also be reversed to a standard polish.


Enhance the Beauty & Value of Your Home

Come tour our showroom and on-site slab yard to start creating your next dream space.

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