Television Advertising

For virtually everyone, there is a time when you choose, or more likely, are forced to go to a family reunion.

For me, most of these people live 1000 miles away. So, I know most of them passingly at best. Certainly, the majority of them are just like you and me. But, there are always exceptions.

There is always the person who has a litany of horrible stories to tell and a horrific outlook to espouse. This is the person whom you analyze quickly and avoid for the remainder of your sentence.

Running a business generates lots of phone calls. Most are client related. But, as a business, you are also a target for marketers. Credit Card weasels, various suppliers, et al.

Among the ‘et al’ are television advertising sales people.

Their pitch is simple. We’ll film a commercial at your facility and then propose to run it for large cash on their ‘popular’ shows. Or, they’ll run it consistently on their local ‘news’ programs for slightly lesser amounts.

Back to the reunion. There, the person you sought to avoid is basically the same as a TV ‘news reader’, aka ‘anchor’, who is delivering a constant diatribe of shootings, killings, rapes, mug shots, meth labs and other social disasters. Quite the definition of ‘news’, eh?

So, for thousands and thousands of dollars, you can have your company’s message inserted between an appliance company’s and a car company’s incessant commercials.

As your spot is finished, the news reader will then pick another murder or shooting to cement your spot in the viewer’s mind.

I’m literally baffled as to how that has any appeal whatsoever.

I must be new age stupid, but we’ve always based our business on referrals.

Do a good job and 20 of your friends see it and 20 of their friends hear about it. Do a bad job and those numbers are doubled.

That’s why we invest in the human element. Human, like you and me.